Ratapoil - Va Donc Chardonnay Jura

Ratapoil - Va Donc - 17


Name: Va Donc Chardonnay Arbois AOC 

Winery: Ratapoil 

Producer: Raphael Monnier 

Area: Arc-et-Senans - Jura 

Grapes: Chardonnay 

Type: White wine 

Alcohol: 12,5% 

Size: 75 cl 

VA DONC 2017


This stunningly elegant Jura natural white wine is 100% Chardonnay from a limestone soil vineyard near Arbois worked naturally, which gives life to healthy, vibrant grapes that fermented naturally in old barrels. A delicate, tense and beautiful balance is here struck between elegant poise, richness and understated depth: white peaches with tarragon, chestnut butter and red spices.