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We are a group of friends and natural wine lovers who have been passionately drinking these wines and working with them for the past 15 years, way before the term “natural wine” became trendy on social media. Our mission has always been to spread the idea of wines that are true to terroir, children of nature and of the wise hands of the vigneron. 


Most importantly, we are looking to share with you wines that can open consumers’ eyes to a completely new, sustainable and ethical way to think of and enjoy wine. Even MORE important than that (the ethical and sustainability aspects are fundamental, but cannot be the only ones), these are wines that just TASTE BETTER, and will allow you to explore and revel in worlds of flavors which are unique in vibrancy and intensity. 


Furthermore, we steadfastly believe that these should be wines for everyone, from the super-expert wine geek, to the casual drinker who’s just approaching this world. Therefore we always like to offer as wide a range of wines as possible, both price-wise and style-wise. You will therefore find amazing and rare treasures for special occasions and a great selection of daily wines, as well as wines ranging from the easy-drinking crowd pleaser to beautifully esoteric crazy ones.

We know personally and often visit all the winemakers we work with, we are proud to call many of them friends and we are always searching for new, undiscovered gems for you.


We have only one unrelenting focus: bringing to you the best natural wines from the world over at the best prices, and telling you each of them’s wonderful story while we’re at that!

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