Domaine Les Fauvettes - Bourgogne Da L'Aube a L'Aube

Domaine Les Fauvettes - Bourgogne Da L'Aube a L'Aube - 2017


Name: Da L'Aube a L'Aube Bourgogne Rouge AOC  

Winery: Domaine Les Fauvettes 

Producer: Maryse Chatelin 

Area: Uchizy - Mâconnais - Bourgogne 

Grapes: Pinot Noir 

Type: Red wine 

Alcohol: 12% 

Size: 75 cl 



This is the personal passion project of Alexandre’s wife Maryse Chatelin, a famed oenologist herself, who years ago decided to plant Pinot Noir on a perfect spot she located near Bourgogne’s village of Uzichy, characterised by rose-colored clay and limestone. The resulting natural wine, from biodynamic grapes and naturally vinified with low intervention and no addes SO2, is a veritable juggernaut of finesse, elegance and depth. Freshness, tension and minerality: dark Morello cherry, allspice, graphite and purple plums with almond blossom.