Domaine de La Tournelle - L'Uva Ploussard

La Tournelle - L'Uva - 2018


Name: L'Uva Arbois AOC 

Winery: Domaine De La Tournelle 

Producer: Eveline et Pascal Clairet 

Area: Arbois - Jura 

Grapes: Ploussard 

Type: Red wine 

Alcohol: 12% 

Size: 75 cl 

Note: No sulfite added 

L’UVA 2018

L’Uva is Evelyne and Pascal Clairet’s probably most playful and carefree red natural wine. It’s 100% Ploussard, that most ancient and super-typical Jura variety, hailing from organic grapes grown on clay-marlstone soils. It’s fermented wildly and vinified with the carbonic maceration method, then aged in old oak before being bottled with no fining, filtration or added SO2. Floral, spicy and irreverent, it dances with light crimson, racing acidity: homemade lingonberry marmalade, spiced rye bread, crushed red flowers and wild tarragon.