Cantina Giardino Tarara Campania Greco

Cantina Giardino - Tarara - 2016


Name: T´ara´ra (Tarara) Campania Greco igt 

Winery: Cantina Giardino 

Producer: Antonio Di Gruttola and Daniela De Gruttola 

Area: Ariano Irpino - Campania 

Grapes: Greco   

Type: Skin contact white wine - Orange wine 

Alcohol: 11,5% 

Size: 75 cl 



Tararà comes from one of the most traditional and ancient Campania grapes, Greco, farmed with organic and natural methods in one of the highest vineyards at almost 700 m of altitude. The grapes ferment wildly in open wooden vats with 4-5 days of skin contact, then after being pressed see an elevage of at least 1 year in traditional chestnut barrels, no added SO2. It’s a truly memorable orange wine shining with rustic ancient wisdom, profound and imbued with mineral and boisè notes: ancient resins, grilled tangerine peel with oregano and sweet dried chili, echoes of hydrocarburs with ripe peach, peat and bergamot.