Cantina Giardino Paski Campania Coda di Volpe

Cantina Giardino - Paski - 2016


Name: Paski Campania Coda di Volpe igt 

Winery: Cantina Giardino 

Producer: Antonio Di Gruttola and Daniela De Gruttola 

Area: Ariano Irpino - Campania 

Grapes: Coda di Volpe 

Type: Skin contact white wine - Orange wine 

Alcohol: 12% 

Size: 75 cl 



Paski is a refreshingly territorial, brightly intriguing and just plain irresistible natural orange wine from the ancient and now quite rare Campania variety Coda di Volpe (which means “fox’s tail”). It comes from a beautiful South-facing vineyard at 450 m of altitude and from vines that are over 60 years of age! In the vineyard only biodynamic farming and in the cellar wild fermentations, no fining or filtration nor any added SO2. It basks in the glory of maceration with the skins while fermenting for about 4-5 days part in steel and part in chestnut barrels. Majestically layered and powerful yet electrically fresh and easily accessible even to non orange aficionados: smoked barley and rye with candied ginger, fresh jackfruit with thyme and pandan leaf, foam of prickly pear and burnt rosemary.