Gabrio e Giotto Bini - Serragghia Zibibbo Pantelleria

Gabrio e Giotto Bini - Serragghia Zibibbo - 2009


Name: Serragghia Bianco Zibibbo Vino Secco 

Winery: Gabrio e Giotto Bini 

Producer: Gabrio Bini and Giotto Bini 

Area: Pantelleria - Sicilia 

Grapes: Zibibbo   

Type: Skin contact white wine - Orange wine 

Alcohol: 12,5% 

Size: 75 cl 

Note: No sulfite added 



Serragghia is a cosmic template for the perfect natural wine, fusing quantistically the depth of extended maceration with the freshness arising out of perfect fruit. The grapes are born of ancient vineyards averaging 50 years of age on sandy volcanic soils on heavenly yet rugged Pantelleria island, farmed super-naturally and with the help of the estate’s 2 horses lending a hand when needed. Once carefully hand-harvested, the grapes are sanctified by wild fermentation and about 20 days of skin contact in buried Spanish “tinaja” amphorae. The wine then rests in the amphorae for 7-12 months before being bottled pure and untouched by fining, filtration or added SO2. Beyond good and evil and unspeakably deep and esoteric yet addictive in its drinkability: jasmine tea and bitter almond compote with elderflower and dried clementine with saffron and chestnut honey, lemon blossom and olive oil sherbet with candied capers, Miyazaki mango and spiced cantaloupe melon.