Abbazia San Giorgio - Lustro

Abbazia San Giorgio - Lustro - 2018


Name: Lustro Catarratto Terre Siciliane igt 

Winery: Abbazia San Giorgio 

Producer: Battista Belvisi 

Area: Pantelleria - Sicilia 

Grapes: Catarratto 

Type: Skin contact white wine - Orange wine 

Alcohol: 12,5% 

Size: 75 cl 

Note: No sulfite added 



Lustro, Battista’s Catarratto-based orange wine is nothing short of apollonic in its radiant fruit and aromatic majesty. It comes from beautifully terraced vineyards that stare into the shimmering visage of the Sea of Sicily and are farmed in accordance with biodynamic principles. The vines are relatively young at 20-25 years of age but sink their roots deep into the vibrantly rich volcanic earth of Pantelleria. After a careful selection and hand-harvest the grapes ferment with their native yeasts spending about 1 month in contact with the skins, gifting the wine with its pink golden sheen. Aging takes place for 6 month in steel and traditional chestnut, before bottling with no fining, filtration or added SO2. Bright and energy-filled fruit borders on the supernatural, enriched by the deep and statuary minerality typical of Catarratto: ripe apricot with thyme and saffron, chutney of prickly pear, sweet basil and dried papaya, chamomile and reduction of Demerara rum.