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The iconic Radikon winery, founded in the late 70’s by the late and sadly missed Stanko, and now headed by his son Sasa (arguably the largest and more powerful vigneron’s hands in the natural wine world), has long since become a symbol worldwide of the renaissance of traditional orange wines and of the renaissance of soulful and masterful natural wines, true masterworks with each and every vintage. Located on the hills of Oslavia, in Friuli’s Collio hills area and close the border with Slovenia, it extends for about 17 hectares on the typical “ponka” soil, made up of ancient marls and sandstone, cultivated with traditional varieties such as Ribolla, Friulano, Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio and Merlot.


In the mid 90’s, when Stanko realises his wines no longer reflect the soul of terroir and the grapes, he operates a radical Copernican revolution: no chemicals and only a super-natural approach in the vineyard and cellar, where selected yeasts are banned, as well as fining, filtration and other trickeries. Grapes are picked only at perfect maturation and, with their innermost spirit locked in the skins, it is released through months long maceration in tronco-conical wooden vats. Released several years after harvest, these are wines that are the highest, purest and most uncompromising expressions of the Collio terroir.

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