Ratapoil - Par La Poulsard Jura

Ratapoil - Par La - 16


Name: Par Là Arbois AOC 

Winery: Ratapoil 

Producer: Raphael Monnier 

Area: Arc-et-Senans - Jura 

Grapes: Poulsard 

Type: Red wine 

Alcohol: 12% 

Size: 75 cl 

PAR LA 2016


This crazily juicy, staggeringly dynamic and elegant light red natural wine from Arbois is one of the masterpieces of Jura legend Raphael Monnier. It’s born from the single cru “Corvées” and it’s 100% Poulsard, one of the oldest local varieties; it is fermented naturally, aged in old barrels and bottled with no trickery such as fining of filtration. Light, airy and addictively enjoyable: bitter orange rind, spiced blackberries, cloves and sweet black peppercorns.