Cascina Grillo Tenuta Grillo Zampaglione Solleone

Guido Zampaglione - Solleone - 2014


Name: Solleone 

Winery: Cascina Grillo (or Tenuta Grillo) 

Producer: Guido Zampaglione 

Area: Nizza Monferrato - Piemonte 

Grapes: Sauvignon 

Type: Skin contact white wine - Orange wine 

Alcohol: 13,5% 

Size: 75 cl 



Guido calls this his “illegitimate child” as it’s born of an international variety, though long naturalised in Monferrato. This is the alpha and omega of Italian Sauvignon and in our view just one of the most moving interpretations of this often standardized grape, also the supreme expression of natural Sauvignon from an inspired terroir. Guido himself describes it as a “difficult wine”, and we’ll add “in the best possible way”, as it is incredibly rich, layered and unendingly complex, also due to the fact that it’s vinified like a red wine, with 60 days of skin contact and at least 5-6 yrs in steel and bottle before release. Early ripening and an extremely hot summer gift it with exploding and majestic power and meaty substance: ripe blood orange, pickled peach, honey with saffron and toasted bitter almonds with spiced apricot brioche and lavender.