PaneVino Gianfranco Manca - Shugusucci - 17

PaneVino G. Manca - Shugusucci - 17


Name: Shugusucci 

Winery: PaneVino 

Producer: Gianfranco Manca 

Area: Nurri - Sardegna 

Grapes: Various grapes 

Type: Red wine 

Alcohol: 15% 

Size: 75 cl 

Note: No sulfite added 



This fascinatingly complex yet crazily drinkable Sardinian red, in Gianfranco’s own words, is born “out of the desire, then achieved, to gradually have his neighbors adopt fully natural agriculture, using no chemicals and only natural herb treatments and natural sulphur.” While the name might sound like a Japanese word, in Nurri dialect it means “dry juice”, referring to the 2017 vintage’s particularly dry season. This is a blend of several local red varieties (not even Gianfranco is sure how many, although they definitely include Cannonau, Bovale, Alicante and Monica) from surrounding plots and perfectly embodies Gianfranco’s vision of a “humanistic” wine, where grape and terroir are not ignored but man and his energy are the shaping elements. Despite the high ABV of 15% this is a perfect and vibrantly alive synthesis of power, focus and finesse: small forest berries, balsamic herbs, dark plums and black currants with Moroccan spices.