PaneVino Gianfranco Manca - Cicipi - 14

PaneVino G. Manca - Cicipi - 14


Name: Cicipì 

Winery: PaneVino 

Producer: Gianfranco Manca 

Area: Nurri - Sardegna 

Grapes: Cannonau 

Type: Red wine 

Alcohol: 16% 

Size: 75 cl 

Note: No sulfite added 

CICIPI’ 2014


Gianfranco’s Cicipì, a words pun on the Communist party (CCP) and a birdìs song, is a lisergically transcendent experience of a red natural wine. It’s 100% Cannonau from a selection of old vines at over 700m of altitude, pruned so as to protect them from excessive sunlight. Gianfranco’s dream vision for this: “Robin hood riding a horse and speeding through the forest, trampling over blackberry bushes, the same bushes he will later use to hide a bottle of Cabernet Franc”. Ripe boysenberries with liquorice, mint and bitter almonds, wild gamey notes of caramelised wild boar with dark cocoa and smoked tamarind