Maurizio Ferraro Al Sole Del Mattino

Maurizio Ferraro - Al Sole Del Mattino - Lot.17


Name: Al Sole Del Mattino #alsoledelmattino 

Winery: Ferraro 

Producer: Maurizio Ferraro 

Area: Montemagno - Piemonte 

Grapes: Barbera 

Type: Red wine 

Alcohol: 13,5% 

Size: 75 cl 

Note: No Added Sulfites 



The very soul of Monferrato shines through in this rare and heartbreakingly beautiful Piedmont red wine. The name “Al Sole del Mattino” in Italian means “Facing the Morning Sun” and the wine is born out of Maurizio’s most noble cru exposed to the East near the medieval burg of Montemagno. The varieties are strictly local: Grignolino planted by Maurizio’s grandfather Pietro in 1964 and Ruchè planted by his father Sergio in 1991. Spontaneous and rustic yet deeply erudite, it sings the song of terroir through dried red flowers, balsamic herbs, salted boysenberries and redcurrants and intricate but fresh tannins and structure. Of course No added SO2.