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Sebastien Riffault, heads today the family estate, whose history in the Loire’s tiny hamlet of Sury-en-Vau begins in the year 1900, along with his wife Jurate. He’s one of the rare natural vignerons in this renowned and too often homologated denomination and, through hard work and an uncompromising vision, has become a beloved cult name in the natural wine world. The estate, which is made up of about 12 hectares and has been certified organic since 2007 and Sebastian has now for years worked with biodynamic methods the soils rich with the typical limestone and silica. The vines average 50 years of age and the grapes, contrary to the modernist trend often seen in Sancerre, are harvested only when they're perfectly ripe and in some cases with some grapes slightly overripe or attacked by botrytis, adding in further depth and complexity. Needless to say, in the cellar there are only spontaneous fermentations and no defiling with fining or filtration, nor any added SO2. These are majestic and opulent masterpieces brimming with power and radiating an almost mystical charme, lightyears away from the stereotyped over-acid and bland caricatures of most Sauvignon. The true soul of Sancerre shines through here, every bottle always a beautiful, blinding supernova of a natural wine.

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