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Mythopia, founded about 16 years ago by Romaine and Hans-Peter Schmidt in Sion, in the municipality of Arbaz, is a Swiss natural wine paradise and now a beloved name when it comes to wines of uncompromising character and deep territoriality. Facing the vertiginous peaks of the Swiss Alps Mythopia, or rather “the legend of Mythopia” as recites their website, is a complex ecosystem brimming with biodiversity, where the vineyards exist in perfect harmony with uncountable species of fruits, birds, bees and butterflies among others. In Hans’ own words: “The vineyard is no longer a hostile monoculture with naked soil but a beautiful natural system designed to produce grapes expressing the subtleties of its terroir. The soil is activated by accompanying plants and the air is full of the music of bumblebees and the perfume of wild blossoms.”

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