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The Falisca winery is located in the center of Tuscany just outside of the medieval burg of Certaldo. Here the Pizzolato family has for over 60 years been lovingly tending with natural methods to a farm of 11 hectares of vineyards, along with orchards and olive groves. The family’s roots lie in Sicily, from where the Pizzolatos emigrated to Tuscany after WWII to escape banditism and look for a brighter future, leaving the old family farms behind. With a clear and uncompromising vision in mind of producing terroir-driven and always alive wines, they work with old vines of mainly Sangiovese, then Trebbiano Toscano and Colorino, all of which were planted by grandfather Francesco over 30 years ago. The cellar dates back to 1909 and the vats now in use are the original ones in cement and Tuscan sandstone. These are wines of sincere freshness, direct but never predictable, always vibrant with unique personality.


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