Masiero Moki

Masiero - Moki - 2018


Name: Moki 

Winery: Masiero 

Producer: Gianfranco Masiero 

Area: Trissino - Veneto 

Grapes: Pinot Grigio 

Type: Sparkling Pet-Nat Rosé Skin Contact Orange wine 

Alcohol: 11% 

Size: 75 cl 



Moki strikes us first with its brilliant pink flaming joyous colour, typical of most if not all natural Pinot Grigio who have been given soul and body by skin contact. It’s a Pet Nat of mostly Pinot Grigio from an old vineyard on limestone/clay soils and 3% of the rare local grape Senese used for the ancestrale re-fermentation in the bottle. It ferments spontaneously and sees about 5-7 days of maceration. Sapidity and juicy fruit are kings here with slightly smoked wild strawberries, Thai basil and red currants.