Le Coste Litrozzo Bianco

Le Coste - Litrozzo Bianco - 19 [1 L]


Name: Litrozzo Vino Bianco Biologico 

Winery: Le Coste 

Producer: Gian Marco Antonuzi and Clementine Bouveron 

Area: Gradoli - Lago di Bolsena - Lazio  

Grapes: Procanico, Malvasia, Roscetto, Verdello, Petino, Romanesco 

Type: Skin contact white wine - Orange wine 

Alcohol: 11,5% 

Size: 100 cl 



This incredibly drinkable but never simple white natural wine is born out of the ancient local grapes Procanico, Malvasia, Roscetto, Verdello, Petino and Romanesco, the name points to the beautiful and quite handy 1lt format. Enriched by the volcanic soils, the grapes ferment wildly and age shortly in fiberglass. Bright acidity and blinding freshness join up with rich and crunchy fruit: pomelo and basil sherbet with verbena, mango and salted starfruit.