Lammidia - Miscela - 18 [1,5 L]

Lammidia - Miscela - 18 [1,5 L]


Name: Miscela Vino Rosato Magnum 1,5 L.

Winery: Lammidia 

Producer: Marco Giuliani e Davide Gentile 

Area: Villa Celiera - Abruzzo 

Grapes: Trebbiano, Montepulciano, Pecorino, Montonico 

Type: Rosé wine 

Alcohol: 11% 

Size: 150 cl 

Note: No sulfite added 



Miscela, one of Lammidia’s craziest and definitely most delicious wines, is exactly what the name described: a blend of all the white and red wines of that vintage, blended from the bottom of each tank, be it amphora, fiberglass or steel. Coming from organically farmed grapes, it’s made from a secret recipe of 10-20 cuvees, probably including Trebbiano, Montepulciano, Pecorino, Montonico and God knows what else, which may or may not include some preceding vintages. Sounds insane but it’s an otherworldly wine, fresh, spicy and full of light and energy: caramelised raspberries, briny olives confit, rosehip marmalade and spiced wild strawberries. No added SO2 of course!