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Canlibero - Shiro - 18


Name: Shiro Vino Bianco 

Winery: Canlibero 

Producer: Ennio Romano Cecaro e Mena Iannella 

Area: Torrecuso - Campania 

Grapes: Falanghina 

Type: White wine 

Alcohol: 12,5% 

Size: 75 cl 

Note: No sulfite added 

SHIRO 2018


Shiro, meaning “white” in Japanese, is one of Ennio’s newest creations and it’s 100% Trebbiano, which is more well known for Tuscany and Abruzzo but is actually quite widespread in Campania as well. It ferments spontaneously in steel with no skin contact and channels an incredible electricity of fruit: white Nashi pear with Tequila and pink pepper, Lebanese citrus with sage and lemongrass.