6 Bottles Treasure Box - Panevino Madness

6 Bottles Treasure Box - Panevino Madness

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The iconic wines from Sardinia’s natural wine legend Gianfranco Manca are an ode to his vision and local grapes. Super-rare and selected here for you! One ring to rule them all...


This is a box containing 6 bottles:

1x Pane Vino - Gretino 14

1x Pane Vino - Box'e Croxiu 16

1x Pane Vino - Foreign Grapes 14

1x Pane Vino - Alvas 16

1x Pane Vino - Cortemuras 16

1x Pane Vino - Shugusucci 17


Note: Only 1 box available per customer

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