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Marco Buratti is one of the most anarchic, idiosyncratic and just downright figures in the world of natural wine. Having lived many lives across the world as a winemaking student, restaurant manager and chef, he returned to his native Colli Euganei hills in Veneto to start making the wines he loved to drink, and he absolutely succeeded. He now farms with biodynamic care about 2,5 hectares in a land rich with volcanic soils and a centuries old winemaking heritage, working with traditional and at times rare grapes such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Moscato Rosa, Tocai Italico and Malvasia. His wines are like him, at times gruff, always sincere, often crazy but always and forever unforgettable. Always wild fermentations, no fining or filtration and no hint of added SO2.

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